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simtroverted replied to your post “simtroverted replied to your post “simtroverted replied to your post…”

Yeah, do switch to the correct version, nasty things can happen if you don’t have the right one





Here’s the mods I have in case you have input on that.

Wow, okay, let’s see *adjusts glasses & cracks knuckles*

WoohooTeens_6n_Apartment_Life – it’s either this OR InTeen, do NOT use both of them.

zTwojeffs_Preg For All GendersTwojeffs says he’s unsure about InTeen compatiblity and that you should use InTeen’s FlavorPak (specifically SameSexPregnancy)

Always Flush Toilets, Always Flush Toilets-NPAlways Flush Toilets - Wash Hands,and Always Flush Toilets - Wash Hands-NP – only choose one, go here to decide which one you want.

adultsgosteady & adultsgosteadyplusmarriage-traditional – not needed if you have InTeen.

moveoutteens_EP5 – I’d suggest removing this since it doesn’t work with newer EPs.

The following are NOT compatible with InTeen: 
Sleepover enabled for children EP7, 
Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit EP8,

These were the ones that immediately jumped out at me.  Try removing all of them, see if it fixes your problem (I’m guessing it will).





Oh my!


This mishmash clutter set is for your science and knowledge sims.

What’s Included:

** nanashi’s meshes **

- Glassware: Erlenmeyer flasks (1000, 300, 100 ml), beakers (1000, 300, 100 ml), 1 Florence flat bottom flask, 1 Graduated Cylinder (1000 ml)

- test tube rack + empty test tube

- 3t2 Digital LCD Scale (resized / recoloured), 3t2 telescope notebook + closed/open recolours

- beaker tongs, eyedropper, eyedropper bottle, vials (upright, on side), maxis soap, petri dishes (open, closed) + culture recolours

- Monocular Microscope

- Floating ascorbic acid mounted slide for the Monocular Microscope, 3 standalone slides containing polyethylene, grasshopper wing, and camellia sinensis samples

- Uni SHIFT 0.5 mechanical pencil

- *Accurate* Periodic Table of Elements Poster (in simlish)

** edited meshes by other creators (see policies below) **

Yuxi’s Fallout Microscope (upsized, degrungified, and made recolourable) -  Does not overwrite the original mesh if you have it installed.

YFM Policy: The original creator’s policy is very generous: give credit and no paysites. If you recolour this mesh, credit to nanashi is appreciated but credit to yuxi is required.

Katy_76’s Functional Microscope (redesigned, edited, and recoloured) - I have edited the BHAVs, so sims will skill at the same rate as the chess board. Does not overwrite the original mesh if you have it installed.

KFM Policy: This creator was buried in the Sims 2 Graveyard while I was still playing Sims 1. Needless to say I couldn’t find her policy anywhere and couldn’t contact her, so please do not redistribute this mesh if you make recolours. Instead link here for the mesh and give full credit to Katy_76. Also, just in case… no paysites please.

Hope this is okay for a 100+ gift!

Thank you for the follows, fellow Simblrs~

Download: catalogue+collection version | collection only version

The link is asking me for a password and the creator’s tumblr has been deleted… anyone have this or know where I can find? :3

I’d like to have this as well… anyone?

I’ve uploaded this set at Box  I’m really upset that Nanashi has left the tumblr community she was one of my favourite creators and I loved seeing her pics on my dash……does anyone know why she left?

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not just followers, everyone.


I’m here if any of you need to talk<3

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The best part is, this post actually does something, it offers support, unlike one of those useless “reblog if you care” posts.

Exactly. Which is why I’ll reblog this one.

If you really want to scare yourself, think about the number of countries that aren’t on that list. A friend was in a scary situation with a girl from Pakistan, and there was absolutely no help available.

No help available for my country either